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Title: Acting classes or schools in Birmingham Uk or Wolverhampton?
Post by: sam2112 on November 26, 2011, 10:42:03 am

Hi guys my name is sasha byrne and i live in birmingham im 15 years old and i was wondering
if any body knows any acting classes or schools in Wolverhampton or Birmingham.
im into things like theatre and i would like to do t.v and filming but im having a hard time finding any acting schools or classes for my age its stressing me out because its something im into not just as a hobby but career wise im not one of those people who want it just for fame (: any ways ive done drama in my old school and that's about it .. its not much fun their people just mess about it drives me nuts cause we ain't hardly learning nothing because their being so childish and never listen :@ ! ... so any ways im willing to go to a drama school or just go acting classes so if you know any please tell me .... thank you x and i hope you all have nice day (:


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