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Impact Results *Spoiler*

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Author Topic: Impact Results *Spoiler*  (Read 166 times)

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« on: August 13, 2009, 07:17:03 pm »

All Impact Resuts will be posted here
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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2009, 09:38:07 pm »

[spoiler]We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the brawl that ended the first hour of Impact last week.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Happy Hard Justice’ Tenay and Don ‘Remember Bound for Glory is coming in the Los Angeles area’ West.

Match Number One: Christy Hemme versus Sojournor Bolt

They lock up and Hemme with a side head lock. Bolt pulls Christy by the hair and applies a side head lock. Christy does the same thing to Bolt and hits a side head lock take down. Bolt with a head scissors but Hemme escapes. Hemme with a kick to the back followed by a near fall. Bolt throws Hemme down by the hair. Bolt with a back breaker and gets a near fall. Bolt chokes Hemme and then Bolt goes to the apron and she hits a slingshot elbow drop. Bolt tries for a piledriver but Hemme with a back body drop to counter. Hemme takes Bolt down by the hair and then she hits a cross body but Bolt rolls through and she slams Hemme to the mat. Bolt with shoulders in the corner and then she puts Hemme on the top turnbuckles. Bolt tries for a superplex but Hemme fights Bolt off and Hemme hits the leg drop for the three count.
Winner: Christy Hemme

Don and Mike talk about the lineup for tonight’s episode of Impact.

A.J. Styles walks in the back while Matt Morgan has arrived in a large vehicle. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Taz to ask about Joe’s loss to Hernandez. Lauren wants to know how he is doing. Taz says two weeks ago, Joe failed. There was a point where Joe had Hernandez, but he showed remorse. Taz says that Hernandez did not beat Joe, Joe beat Joe. Taz says that he is going to motivate Joe and Homicide will be the one who suffers. Taz guarantees victory.

We see footage of Hernandez’s victory over Joe from two weeks ago.

Match Number Two: Doug Williams with Rob Terry and Brutus Magnus versus Hernandez

Hernandez with a shoulder tackle and chop but Williams with a European uppercut. Hernandez blocks a suplex attempt and Hernandez with a delayed vertical suplex to Williams. Hernandez with an Irish whip and a drop down back breaker for a near fall. Magnus gets on the apron and that allows Williams to hit a flying back elbow followed by punches. Williams chokes Hernandez in the ropes. Williams with a snap mare and knee drop for a near fall. Williams with a rear chin lock. Williams with a European uppercut followed by a running knee into the corner. Williams misses senton from the turnbuckles and Hernandez with clotheslines and a back body drop. Hernandez with a spinebuster for a near fall. Magnus gets on the apron again and Hernandez knocks him off. Hernandez charges into a boot and Williams tries for a cross body but Hernandez with a sit out power bomb for the three count.
Winner: Hernandez

After the match, Magnus attacks Hernandez but Hernandez with a Pounce and biel. Terry has the briefcase and he hits Hernandez with it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Hernandez is with Lauren and he takes the mic. Hernandez starts to speak in Spanish and then he leaves.

We go to an interview that Mike Tenay had with Bobby Lashley. Mike points out that Bobby became a World Champion in WWE. He asks about the transition to MMA. Bobby says that he wanted to get back into ‘fighting’ after leaving amateur wrestling. Bobby says that he has always been training while in pro wrestling. He said it was an easy transition. Mike points out that Bobby signed a TNA contract while an active MMA fighter. Bobby says that he loves wrestling and he wants to continue it. Bobby says that he thinks he can be successful in both. Mike asks Lashley about a match between Angle and the greatest MMA fighter. Lashley says the fans will win with that match. Lashley says that he is going to fight Angle.

Jeremy is with Daffney and Dr. Stevie and Jeremy asks if anyone has taken him up on the bounty. Stevie says that a lot of people have wanted to take the bounty. He says that it is not about beating Abyss/Chris. It is about hurting and maiming him. It is about making him drown in a pool of his own vomit, blood, and sweat. Abyss enters and he tells Stevie to do his own dirty work. Abyss is attacked by Jethro Holliday with a steel chair.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Tara and reminds Tara about her meteoric rise to the top. Tara says that she got run off the road by a two ton Mack Truck. Tara says that she came here to beat the best. Lauren talks about the four way match later tonight. Tara says that she wants to beat each of the people in the match tonight. Tara asks Lauren if she knows if Kong is afraid of Tarantulas.

Match Number Three: Rhino and Jesse Neal versus Eric Young and Sheik Abdul Bashir with Kiyoshi

Neal and Young start things off and they lock up. Neal with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Neal gets tripped by Young and Young with a side head lock. Neal with an arm bar and then Rhino tags in. Rhino punches Young and he puts Young in a side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle and near fall. Rhino with an Irish whip and shoulder. Neal is tagged back in and he punches Rhino and then he puts Young in a side head lock. Neal with another shoulder tackle but Young with an elbow. Bashir is tagged in and he punches Neal. Bashir with a snap mare and drop kick to the back for a near fall. Young kicks Neal after tagging back in. Young with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Bashir tags back in and he punches Neal. Neal with a sunset flip but Young attacks Neal after making a tag. Young with a forearm to Neal for a near fall. Bashir tags in and he connects with a double sledge followed by a punch. Bashir draws Rhino into the match to allow Young and Bashir to double team Neal. Young ‘tags’ in and he slams Neal followed by elbow drops. Young goes to the turnbuckles and he hits Neal’s boot and Young goes down. Neal knocks Bashir off the apron but Young with a rollup for the three count as Young pulls Neal’s tights.
Winners: Eric Young and Sheik Abdul Bashir

After the match, Rhino yells at his student. Jesse tries to apologize but Rhino tells him he should have made the tag. Rhino slaps Jesse and then he hits a GORE.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago look at Rhino teaching his student a different lesson.

Rhino is in the back and Lauren wants to know why Rhino did what he did in the ring. Rhino says that Jesse’s good wasn’t good enough. Rhino says that Jesse has made too many mistakes in the ring. Rhino tells Lauren to look at the scars on his body and then he offers to teach Jesse, but Jesse has made a joke of his career. Rhino asks Lauren if she has been in the ring or suffered like him. Rhino says that he respects what Jesse did for this country, but will he fight in the ring.

We see footage of the kiss heard round the Impact Zone between Cody Deaner and Angelina Love.

Match Number Four: ODB with Cody Deaner versus Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed versus Tara versus Angelina Love with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Tara goes after Kong while ODB goes after Angelina. Tara and ODB with the advantages. Kong with kicks to Tara and she chokes her. ODB with a fallaway slam to Angelina. Tara and Kong exchange punches. ODB and Tara both work over Kong. Kong with a double clothesline and then Angelina is helped on the floor by Velvet and Madison. Kong charges at Tara and ODB, but they move and Kong goes to the floor. ODB takes a drink and then she gives it to Tara for a sip. ODB and Tara go up top and they hit cross bodies onto the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kong with an Irish whip and running clothesline into the corner. Kong with a running butt splash into the corner. Kong misses a second running splash and then Tara pulls Kong out of the ring. Love and ODB are now in the ring while Kong punches Tara and kicks her. Angelina with a bicycle kick for a near fall. Kong with a knee and then ODB with a running power slam for a near fall but Kong breaks up the cover. Kong throws Angelina out of the ring. ODB chops Kong and then she tries to slam Kong but she can’t get Kong up. Kong with a slam to ODB followed by a leg drop for a two count. Kong kicks ODB while Tara and Angelina are on the floor. Kong sets for a choke slam and she hits it. Cody gets on the apron and he yells at Kong. Now there is trouble because the hat is turned around. Cody kisses Kong and then Kong pulls Cody into the ring and the referee allows the match to continue. Kong hits the Awesome Bomb on Cody and then Tara gets the three count with a rollup.
Winner: Tara

Sting and A.J. Styles are in the back with Lauren and Lauren reminds A.J. of what is on the line tonight. Styles says that this business is about working under pressure. It is the difference between midcarders and main eventers. A.J. says that he has let a lot of people down. A.J. says that he is either going to be a winner or a loser. We go to commercial.

We are back and remember to check out the TNA Text Hotline with Mean Jeremy.

Jeremy is with Team 3D to talk about their match against Booker T and Scott Steiner. Devon says that the Steiners and Harlem Heat are two of the best tag teams and paved the way for teams like Team 3D. Devon says that they are the greatest tag team in the business. They are 22 time tag team champions. They have run their mouths and they have been able to back it up. It will be no different tonight. They are just another tag team trying to knock off the greatest tag team in history. Ray says that he could not agree with Devon any more. Team 3D are a great tag team because they fans say they are a great tag team.

Match Number Five: Scott Steiner with Booker T and Sharmell versus Brother Ray with Brother Devon in a No Disqualification Match

Before the match starts, Steiner gets on the mic and he says that he heard how Ray thought that the Steiners and Harlem Heat were the greatest tag teams. Steiner says that he does not care what people have to say about them. Ray says that they respect Steiner and Booker because they back up what they say. He calls Steiner and Booker garbage because they stink.

Steiner punches Ray but Ray responds with a series of punches. Steiner with a rake of the eyes. Steiner spits on Devon before continuing the attack. Steiner with a T-Bone suplex to Ray for a near fall. Steiner with an Irish whip but Ray with a boot to a charging Steiner. Ray with punches followed by a chop and elbow. Ray with an Irish whip and a charge into the corner. Ray with a BubbaBomb for a near fall. Ray with a splash to Steiner and then Sharmell gets on referee distraction point number two. Booker rolls into the ring to interfere but Devon stops Booker. Ray with a slam and then Devon goes up top for the Wassup head butt. Ray puts on the chain mail and it is table times. They set up the table and the British Invasion come to the ring. Booker and Steiner attack Ray and Devon from behind. Booker with a back heel kick to Devon and then Booker and Steiner send Ray through the table for the three count.
Winner: Scott Steiner

We go to commercial.

We are back and the big red contract signing table is in the ring with Mike Tenay, Mick Foley, and Kevin Nash. Mick signs the contract first while Nash reviews his contract and signs it. Foley speaks first and he talks about how Nash said it was all about the money. Foley says that he has never had a conversation with Nash that did not involve money. Mick says that his kids have asked him when he is going to be a champion again and he has been able to say that he is a champion. Foley asks if that means anything to him. Nash tells Mick that the win was so tainted in the first place, but he probably could have made $20,000 at his last autograph session because he did not have the belt. Nash points out that Foley could write a best seller, has a beautiful wife and family; but why does Foley not write and set himself on fire wrapped in barbed wire instead of doing it the easy way. Foley points out that Nash was talking about an autograph convention at WizardWorld. Foley and Nash talk about ‘The Con’. Foley says that he would have done it for nothing. Foley says that Nash cares more about the autograph signing instead of Hard Justice. Nash takes off his jacket and shirt and he says that he is an athlete and a business man while Foley is a pathetic wrestler. Foley asks Nash if he just got called a wrestler and Foley says that he is proud of it. They shake hands and then Foley wishes Nash luck on Sunday. Nash tells Foley that he is the one who needs the luck on Sunday. Foley tells Nash to wait a second. They are wrestlers on a wrestling show and there is a contract signing with a table and nobody is going through the table? Nash says that he isn’t going to get paid any more if someone goes through the table, he doesn’t care about the table. Foley says that must be the difference between them because Foley says he would put Nash through the table for free and he would go through the table for free. Foley says that he will go through the table for free. Foley dives onto the table and the table breaks.

We go to commercial.

We are back and D’Angelo Dinero is coming at Hard Justice.

It is time for the final announced card.

We see a video package for the Steel Asylum Match.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan and she reminds Matt that if he wins, he is in his first title match. Matt says that there is no pressure. He tells Lauren to look at A.J. if she wants to see pressure. Matt guarantees victory tonight.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Matt Morgan with Kurt Angle versus A.J. Styles with Sting in Match Three of the Best of Three Who Wants to Be in a TNA Title Match Match

Styles attacks Morgan as he enters the ring and then Styles with a flip dive onto Morgan. Styles kicks Morgan in the back and then he punches him. Styles with a punch and then he tries to Irish whip Morgan into the crowd by Morgan reverses it and Styles goes into the crowd. Styles with a punch followed by a phenomenal forearm from the guardrail. Styles with punches and then he puts Morgan in the ring and the match starts.

Styles works on Morgan’s leg and he tries for a figure four leg lock. Morgan gets to the ropes and the hold is released. Styles with shoulders in the corner but Morgan with a knee and punch. Morgan with an Irish whip and he hobbles into the corner to put Styles on the turnbuckles. Styles punches Morgan and then Styles is sent to the apron. Styles with a phenomenal drop kick for a near fall. Styles punches Morgan and slams his head into the turnbuckles. Styles with a running clothesline into the corner. Styles tries for a second one but Morgan with a boot to the chest and Styles goes down hard. Morgan with the elbow pad throw at the referee followed by elbows in the corner. Morgan with a splash into the corner. Morgan sets for the side slam but he drops Styles to the mat and gets a near fall. Morgan throws Styles out of the ring and then Morgan wants the referee to start the count. Sting gives A.J. some advice as he returns to the ring. Morgan chokes Styles. Morgan with a splash onto A.J. against the ropes and he gets a near fall. Morgan with a fallaway slam for a near fall. Morgan yells at the referee while Sting gives Styles some encouragement. Morgan with punches and a head butt followed by kicks. Morgan misses the running boot into the turnbuckles and then he misses the Stinger splash. Styles punches Morgan followed by an enzuigiri that sends Morgan to his knees. Styles with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Morgan with a side slam for a near fall. Morgan goes to the turnbuckles but Styles crotches Morgan. Styles with a punch and he tries for a superplex but Morgan with a head butt. Morgan tries to choke Styles but Styles with a Pele for a two count. Morgan with the bicycle kick for the three count.
Winner: Matt Morgan

After the match, Kurt Angle comes into the ring to celebrate with Matt Morgan. The other members of the Main Event Mafia come to the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle congratulates Matt Morgan and he says that Matt will be in his first main event on Sunday. Kurt says that he knew the Mafia would recruit him. Matt says that he was trying to sell himself to the Mafia. Kurt says that it doesn’t matter. Angle says that it will be Matt Morgan versus Kurt Angle versus Sting. Kurt tells Matt that there is one more favor to get into the Mafia. Matt wonders if Kurt is asking him to help him retain the title on Sunday. Kurt tells Matt that he is not suggesting, he is demanding. Matt tells the ‘little man’ that nobody demands anything out of him and that includes Kurt Angle. Matt says that he is not going to pass up this opportunity since he does not know when it might happen again. Matt says that he will walk out of the ring the new TNA Champion.
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« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2009, 02:01:51 pm »

20th August

[spoiler]We start off tonight’s show with a look back at Hard Justice.

Mike Tenay has a special announcement. He points out that Don West has been his broadcast partner for the last seven years, but Don West was given an opportunity in the sports merchandise division of the company. Mike wishes Don his best. We have a new announcer to sit next to Mike Tenay.

Mike says that he has always respected Taz as a wrestler and announcer.

What better way to start off the show than the way most of them have started and the Main Event Mafia comes to the ring. Kurt says that on Sunday at Hard Justice...

Kurt is interrupted by Matt Morgan’s music and he comes to the ring with an axe handle. He has a mic as well. Matt tells Angle to shut his mouth. Morgan wants Booker to make a move so he can hit him with the axe handle. Matt says that minutes before the biggest match of his life, Kurt comes into his locker room asking him for his help. He talks about the win/win situation that Angle talked about. Morgan pins Sting and becomes the new TNA champion and then he gets his spot in the Main Event Mafia. Angle could have won and Morgan gets a spot in the Main Event Mafia. Then Angle could have gone into business for himself and he screws Matt over. Matt wants to know why because he had Sting pinned in the ring but Angle took the biggest moment of his life. Matt tells Kurt that he has ten seconds to answer or he swings for the fences.

Angle tells Matt to calm down. He has answers for Matt. Kurt tells Matt that they were working like a well oiled machine. That was until Matt went into business for himself. Angle reminds Matt about the kick on the floor. Kurt says that he could not feel his arms and legs. Angle tells Matt that he could have been in a wheelchair. Angle says that he heard the count and he pulled the referee out of the ring because he thought that Matt was the one being pinned. Angle says that he was still messed up from the kick. He went to get the chair and he says that Matt made a rookie mistake and got hit in the head with the chair. Angle says that all he did was fall on a fallen opponent who happened to be Matt Morgan. Angle says that they did what they set out to do. He tells Matt that the Main Event Mafia still has the title. Angle says that he will give Matt another chance. They will tag together against Team 3D in a tables match.

Matt tells Angle that he lost his mind and he says that he will split Angle’s skull. Matt thinks about it and he decides not to hurt anyone yet. Matt says that he is with Kurt on this one. Matt says that it was his inexperience that cost him and he knows that Kurt had Matt’s best interests in mind.

Lauren sees A.J. enter the Impact Zone and she asks A.J. about his big announcement. A.J. says nothing and we go to commercial.

We are back and the referee sends the people who are not in the match to the back.

Match Number One: Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams versus James Storm and Robert Roode in a Non Title Street Fight

Storm and Roode come from the crowd and ambush the British. They put a trash can on Magnus’ head and they hit it with a kendo stick. They whip Doug Williams and then Roode chokes him with the strap. Roode goes to the floor and does the same to Magnus. Roode sends Magnus into the announce table. Storm and Roode with a double suplex onto the ramps and it is time to remember their team name. Storm sends Williams into the steps and he chops Williams. Williams Irish whips Storm into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Roode chokes Magnus. Williams hog ties Storm against the ring post while Roode kicks Magnus. Williams hits Roode with a loaded sock. Williams and Magnus attack Roode while the fans chant ‘USA’ and Roode is now bleeding. Williams chokes Roode with a pool cue and then Williams hits Roode with the trash can. Roode fights back but Williams hits him again with the trash can. Magnus has a plastic bag and he is not going to help the environment with this attack. A referee cuts Storm from the ring post. Storm has a board while Magnus suffocates Roode. Storm hits Williams and then Magnus with the board. Storm hits Williams with the trash can and then he hits a back body drop on Magnus. Storm punches Magnus in the corner but Williams knocks Storm off the turnbuckles. Roode punches Williams and then Roode hits a David Young spinebuster. Storm hits Williams with a beer bottle and Williams is bleeding. They hit DWI onto a trash can and Magnus gets pinned.
Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode

Lauren is in the back with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Madison is nowhere to be found. Lauren tries to point out the positive because Angelina now has a teddy bear instead of a title belt. Angelina says that there is no humor in this situation. Angelina blames Madison for the loss and she will pay tonight. Velvet says that Madison is no longer a VIP. Velvet says that they made her and they can break her. We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the women’s title match and the controversy in the trailer park over who is the current champion.

Jeremy and Mick are in the back and they talk about the pay per view. We hear ODB and Cody arguing over Foley and Borash’s conversation. Mick tells them to knock it off. Cody says that ODB does not want him to be the women’s champion even though he got the pinfall. Mick asks how a man can be a women’s champion and Jeremy insults NASCAR so the hat turns around. ODB and Cody argue semantics. Remember that ‘assume’ joke when you were six years old? Cody throws a Cena effect. Mick says that he is going to go into his inner sanctum to make a decision and we will find out his ruling next week.

Abyss stops by and he is clapping. Mick thanks Abyss for helping him on Sunday. Mick has a present for Abyss and it is a blue flannel shirt and Abyss loves it. They are now flannel brothers. Abyss hugs Foley and then they talk about the feeling of tasting your own blood.

It is time to run through the rest of the show.

Match Number Two: Madison Rayne versus Angelina Love

Angelina attacks Madison as Madison comes to the ring and Angelina sends Madison into the ring steps. The match starts while they are on the floor. Angelina sends Madison into the apron and then she kicks Madison. They get into the ring and Angelina gets the three count.
Winner: Angelina Love

After the match, Velvet Sky comes to the ring and she has a bag for Madison. The bag goes on Madison’s head but Tara’s music plays and she is joined by Christy Hemme. We go to commercial.

We are back and Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are talking about why you haven’t seen them on television too much. It is because they are not political. They are about three things, entertaining the fans, getting laid, and getting paid. Chris says that they have been getting a little less in the paycheck. They are offering their services to the fans at the low low rate of $2,000 per hour. You also get a free Shamwow.

We are back and Madison is being attacked again by Velvet and Angelina.

Match Number Three: Homicide versus Samoa Joe for the X Division Title

We are back and the match is joined in progress as Homicide attacks Joe. Homicide sends Joe to the floor and Joe moves out of the way of the tope con hilo but Homicide hits a somersault splash from the apron. They return to the ring and Homicide with a monkey flip attempt but Joe with snake eyes followed by a clothesline. Joe with knees and punches. Joe and Homicide exchange punches with Homicide getting the advantage but Joe with a power slam for a near fall. Joe works on the neck but Homicide bites Joe’s hand. Joe with a German suplex to Homicide and then he hits the power bomb for a near fall. Joe goes for another power bomb but Homicide counters it and Homicide with a drop kick. Homicide with a cross body to counter a tilt-a-whirl move. Joe sends Homicide into the rope but Homicide with an Ace Cutter for a near fall. Homicide punches Joe and then he charges into the corner but Joe with a uranage and then he tries for a clothesline but Homicide avoids it and he has Joe in a choke. Joe sends Homicide into the turnbuckles and then he hits a pele kick. Joe with the muscle buster for the three count.
Winner: Samoa Joe

We see some knockouts in the back with Lauren and there is going to be a big announcement. We go to commercial.

We are back and The Pope and his red shoes and pope stick arrive at the Impact Zone.

Lauren is in the back with Tara, Christy, Taylor, and Sarita and Lauren says that they will all be in the TNA Knockouts Tag Title Tournament. Tara utters the ‘W’ word and Christy and Tara are so happy to be tag partners. Taylor talks about how she is happy to be teaming with Sarita in the tournament.

Match Number Four: Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed versus Sarita with Taylor Wilde versus Traci Brooks with Sharmell versus Christy Hemme with Tara

Kong goes after Traci and Christy and then she tries to attack Sarita but she avoids Kong. Sarita tries for a rana but Kong blocks it. Kong goes over the top rope to the floor when she charges and Sarita moves. Sarita with a head scissors to Traci. Sarita and Christy drop kick Kong off the apron. Traci takes care of Sarita for a moment. Traci goes to the apron and then she pulls Christy to the floor and then sends her into the guardrail. Kong sends Traci into the guardrails and then Sarita with a somersault splash onto Kong. We go to commercial.

We are back and things are under control with Christy kicking Kong but Kong gets Christy up for a power bomb but Sarita and Traci trip Kong. Sarita and Traci kick Kong. Sarita kicks Traci but Traci with a somersault splash onto Kong. Christy with a DDT to Traci followed by the leg drop from the turnbuckles. Kong with the Implant buster to Christy. Sarita with a drop kick to Kong. Kong catches Sarita on a cross body attempt. Kong hits a splash on Sarita and then she goes up top but Traci gets the cover on Christy for the three count.
Winner: Traci Brooks

Kong is not happy after the match and she throws a chair up the ramp. Kong is stopped by Saeed. We are told that Kong and Saeed will face Traci and Sharmell next week.

The lower body of The Pope is in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Consequences Creed with Jay Lethal versus The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Jay Lethal is sent to the back by the referee before the match starts.

They lock up and Dinero works on the arm and wrist. Creed with a reversal but Dinero with a kick and punch. Creed goes to the apron and he punches Dinero and then hits a springboard clothesline. Creed with jabs and a split but he misses the finishing punch. Dinero with a punch that evokes some bleeped language. Dinero with a splash into the ropes that sends Dinero to the floor. Dinero with a fist drop from the turnbuckles for a two count. Dinero with elbows to the head followed by a rear chin lock. Creed with elbows to Dinero but Dinero tries for a kick but Creed blocks it. Creed with a punch to Dinero. Dinero wants a time out and then Dinero sends Creed into the turnbuckles. Dinero with a hesitation elbow drop and then the knee pads come down. Dinero with a running double knee that sends Creed into the turnbuckles for the three count.
Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

The lights go down and Suicide emerges and heads to the ring. Suicide attacks Dinero and connects with forearms. Dinero leaves the ring and Suicide wants him to return.

A.J. Styles is walking in the back and he has something phenomenal to say when we come back from commercial.

Lauren is in the back with Matt Morgan and she wants to know if Matt is really gullible. Matt asks Lauren if she thinks he is working him. Matt says that Kurt never lies and never stabs anyone in the back. Matt says that you can trust Kurt Angle. Matt says the wrong thing for a second and he says that he is nervous about the match with Team 3D. Matt corrects himself.

It is time for A.J. Styles to return to the Impact Zone for the first time since he lost to Matt Morgan. A.J. has something to say. He says that this is one of the hardest things he had to do in the ring. A.J. says that he had it rough over the last few weeks but it is nothing new. A.J. says that he never quit. A.J. talks about the problems growing up and he says that he never quit. A.J. says that he is proud of the man that he has become. A.J. says that he is not proud of losing the Legends Title. He is not proud of losing his match with Matt Morgan. He is not proud of losing friends like Eric Young and Samoa Joe. A.J. says that when you are passionate about the company, it gets to you. A.J. says that he has missed half his kid’s lives. A.J. says that things are getting to him at home and he is yelling at his family for petty stuff. He says that he had to look in the mirror and ask himself if it is worth it. He says the answer is no. He says that it is not worth letting the fans down. A.J. says that it is time for A.J. Styles to say goodbye to professional wrestling.

Sting comes to the ring to return the favor that A.J. did when Sting made his retirement speech in 2006. Sting asks if that is the legacy that A.J. wants to leave behind. Sting is telling A.J. that he is saying that he quit. He says that A.J. is quitting on his wife and kids. Sting tells A.J. to look at the fans because he is quitting on them too. Sting says that A.J. is quitting on him and he calls A.J. a loser because losers quit. Sting says that he has been in the business for 20 years and he has suffered hardships. Sting says that he did not quit. Sting asks A.J. if this is how he wants to be remembered. Sting says that he has talked about how he wanted to bring honor, pride, and respect back into the business and he wanted somebody to step up so he can pass the torch to somebody. Sting tells A.J. that he is the person he has been talking about the entire time. Sting says that A.J. was the chosen one and that can be flushed down the toilet because A.J. decided to say goodbye to wrestling. Sting tells A.J. to look him in the eye and he wants A.J. to tell Sting ‘I quit’ and ‘I give up’. He wants A.J. to tell him ‘I’m a loser’. He tells A.J. if he cannot say it to get in the back and lace up his boots to claim what is his. A.J. turns around and hugs Sting and then Sting tells A.J. that he is supposed to be the man. Sting leaves the ring and A.J. follows after him.

Bobby Lashley is walking in the back and he is going to probably say something when we get back from the next commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Hernandez and she asks him when he will cash in his briefcase. Hernandez says that when he cashes in the briefcase, he will win the title. Eric Young stops by and he tells Hernandez that he can help Hernandez because Hernandez knows where he is from. Eric says that the World Elite will not play their games any more. Eric says that he knows that Hernandez is thinking about what he said because he did not try to crack his head open.

Bobby Lashley comes out and he shakes Taz’s hand and then joins Taz and Mike at the announce table in a shock despite the extra chair at the table. Bobby says that next week, Dixie Carter will be making her Impact debut to tell the TNA fans what his role in the company will be.

Match Number Six: Team 3D versus Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle in a Tables Match

Before Angle gets to the ring, he confronts Lashley at the announce table and he pie faces Angle. Lashley punches Angle and security needs to separate them. Lashley is escorted to the back before the match starts.

Angle and Ray start things off and they lock up. Ray with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Angle with a drop toe hold and punch to the head. Angle with punches in the corner but Ray with a hip toss and clothesline followed by a slam. Ray goes for a table but Morgan stops him. Angle with a double sledge to Ray. Devon makes a blind tag and they hit a neck breaker and belly-to-back suplex combination. Devon sends Angle into the turnbuckles followed by punches to the head. Angle with a rake of the eyes and Morgan tags in. Morgan chokes Devon in the ropes and then Angle holds him in place for the Morgan splash. Morgan goes for a table but Ray stops him this time. Ray punches Angle in the knee. Morgan with a knee to Devon followed by a slam. Morgan misses a leg drop and Devon clotheslines Morgan over the top rope to the floor. Angle charges at Ray and Ray with a flap jack and we go to commercial with Morgan and Angle on the floor.

We are back and Devon with the Wassup Head butt to Angle. It is time for the announcement you have been waiting for as the crowd calls for tables. Devon gets a table from under the ring and he decides to get another on Two for Thursday. Morgan gets into the ring and he waits for Team 3D to turn around and Morgan with a double clothesline. Morgan decides to pose for the camera. Morgan moves one of the tables and it is time for a choke slam through the table, but Ray moves the table out of the way. Morgan punches Ray for rearranging the furniture in the ring. Angle tags in and he kicks Devon. Angle punches Devon some more in the head. Angle with a running forearm to Ray and then he tries for an Olymic Slam through the table but Morgan moves the table and then Devon with an inverted slam. Morgan with a punch to Devon and the he tries for the bicycle kick but Devon moves and Morgan kicks the table. Ray with clotheslines to Angle and time for a power bomb but Angle blocks it and Angle with an Olympic Slam but Devon moved the table out of the way. Devon punches Morgan and then he fixes the table. Team 3D try for a double suplex and the move does not break the plane of the table so the match continues. Angle attacks Team 3D and then he goes for another table but there are no more tables. Ray with a big boot to Angle and then the staff gives Ray another table while Angle is sent into the ring steps. Ray throws the broken table to the floor as they set up the new table. Angle punches Ray and Devon. Angle punches Devon and then hits a European uppercut. They put Devon on the table and Angle tells Morgan to go up top but Morgan says that his knee hurts. Ray takes care of Angle and then they hit a double press slam through the table to win.
Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Angle heads to the back and he argues with Morgan as we go to credits.[/spoiler]
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